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How to improve CTR

How to Improve CTR Through SEO or Organic Search

What do you think is the best way for people to reach your website? Or, how do you think you can generate more traffic hitting your website regularly, which would eventually help you enhance your revenue generation? Well, search engines are the best options available. Search engines like Google, are the most important sources of […]

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The Next Big Things in the Future of Lead Generation

There are many lead generation companies that get the entire job done for you. With their exceptional strategies of Content Syndication, telemarketing or database marketing, your real estate business immediately experiences n uplift in its graph. However, it is for the time being and you usually do not get access to the ‘know how’s.’  The […]

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How to Become a Social Media Marketing Pro in Less Time

One of the staples of online marketing is social media marketing. No business, big or small, can ignore it. It is used avidly by all businesses to increase their following, generate leads and get them converted to higher sales number. But becoming a social media marketing is no easy feat. A difficult and challenging task; […]

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Social Media Marketing Guide: Here’s What You Should know

Social media marketing is a kind of marketing which takes place on all the small and big social media platforms. It involves different kind of activities that has the common social media aspect to connect to the audience. So whether you want to promote a blog post about your product on social media or may […]

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How to track URLs through UTM Parameters?

Do you know precisely where your website traffic comes from? or which of your campaigns drives the maximum site visitors? if no longer, study on… This put up is for website owners who use google analytics, however, need more insight into where their visitors are coming from. Here we will discuss UTM parameters. How we […]

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How to use Facebook Open Graph Tags (OG Tags) and Twitter Cards!

Open Graph Tags (OG Tags)  Facebook launched some important techniques which known as Facebook authentication protocols. Everyone also knows about these protocols as OG Tags which had been composed in 2010. “The open graph protocol allows developers to leverage Facebook in new and exciting ways. One of the easiest ways to venture into the world […]

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